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Treats for Troops!

That link is the coolest thing!

Take a risk, click it, and consider sponsoring a member of the military by sending a care package — could be a person state-side, in the reserves, in a military academy, deployed in support of the war on terror, or someone who’s been in the military for 15 years and is stationed at sea on a ship. Note that shipping costs are NOT included in the listed prices – example: shipping to the Middle East is about $19.

I sent Jasmine a package last night…she’s a Marine from Ohio. You can choose the branch, their home state, even if it’s male or female….or you can just let the computer pick one for you – it’ll pull the service member who’s been waiting the longest for a package. You can send something once or you can continue to send stuff – to different people or the same one!

Check it out, pass the link on……….regardless of your thoughts on things, all service members deserve to know we support them and are praying for them. Shine God’s love & send a smile to someone.

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