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“Walking on sunshine…”

There’s an old song with a line ‘I’m walking on sunshine…and I feel good!” (or something like that). And I do.

This past week Doc & I mutually decided that it’s best for me NOT to cross the border in late July with the mission trip team. I kind of knew that was coming and it’s actually a relief to have it decided well in advance. I just had my 3rd cortisone shot this past Monday. So why do I feel good? Because of God’s grace. I knew…I expected not to go, tho my heart so desired to go. But the Lord has given me extraordinary grace and strength from the start to handle being on crutches 16 months running, and He continues to pour it out & carry me.

I’ve been asked to still go to Texas and stay state-side to help at the ministry headquarters. God has given me gifts which would be beneficial and supportive of the ministry and the invitation has been put out there…IF doc clears me. I hope to talk w/the ministry leaders this next week to get more details so I can talk w/doc. This decision is not as time sensitive since I’m not keeping someone else from going, so we can make this one right up to the week of the trip if needed. I’ll see the doc at least 2 more times before I would leave.

I’m actually finding myself more excited about this possibility than going over the border, which to some sounds weird. It’s easy to fall into going to the villages for ‘me’ – because I want to – tho that can be ever so subtle and hidden. If I stay behind it’s because I want to help! It’s hard to explain but there’s a purity to it. I desire to go over the border because I believe in what the ministry is doing and I believe I can help advance the gospel….but this year my foot prevents me from being as effective as I’d want to be, or feel I can be. So it’s best that I not go. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say – if I were to cross this year it’d be selfish. If I stay it’s not. Make sense?

Anyway, I’m excited at the possibility and actually find myself having to guard my heart MORE for this, which makes it harder. So I’d appreciate your prayers as we travel down this detour path & see where the Lord is leading.

I may not be walking just yet (still got peg & leg) but in my heart, I’m ‘walking on sunshine!’

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