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Watch, wait, and pray

Last night I noticed something in me that took me by surprise. Along with anyone else watching TV, I watched and waited for news the Saddam Hussein’s execution had been carried out. And I felt rather morbid for doing so. I turned the channel many times.

And then I found myself imagining his last hours & minutes of his life and going to ‘meet his Maker’ as the newscasters said. But do they really know what that means? I found myself feeling sorry for Mr. Hussein and feeling compassion on him and concerned for his soul. Regardless of what you think of the man’s behavior, he was still created to give God the glory (the Christian God) and Mr. Hussein’s death before coming to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ still broke God’s heart. I found myself praying for him – that the Lord would reveal Himself to him and that it’s never too late. I prayed that God would somehow be glorified in it. I told God I didn’t know how He could be glorified in behavior like that or in the death of someone, and it started a lot of thoughts of what I may or may not believe about the death penalty.

I was just surprised to find myself having these kinds of thoughts. I have a Dad and a brother who are vets of the Navy and Air Force, respectively. But what I determined more than anything else was that it’s a sign of spiritual growth in me, and for that I’m thankful. A missionary’s heart is for the lost people of the world and God desires ALL to come to know Him, including those who are the most heinous in society’s eyes. And in a weird way I was encouraged last night that the Lord is growing the compassion in my heart to see things with spiritual eyes and not physical.

Mr. Hussein has met his Maker. He has learned that all he believed were lies. He now knows the truth. May we make it known as well.

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