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Good morning! I’m heading out for a home inspection soon (am buying my first house) but wanted to set this up quickly. What’s my site about? Simply following Christ through the good, the bad, and the ugly made beautiful.

You see, following Christ doesn’t mean life has no problems. In fact, it probably has MORE! Not the most comforting thing anyone can tell you, right? But it’s an adventure. One I wouldn’t change for anything!

Like right now…I’m supposed to be crossing the Mexican border to minister in a small village for a week. But I’m home instead. I got injured in Feb. and am still on crutches looking at another MRI next week. And yet the Lord allows me, by His grace alone, to be excited and joyful and not bitter or angry. Sounds weird, eh? Well stick around & keep checking back & you’ll see why I call this ‘The Great Adventure.’


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