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What a Day!

Wow…it’s been a day! Started out with the home inspection. That took almost 3 hours but well worth the money, I’m sure. The best part of that was getting a chance to talk to each member of the mission team right before they left for the border. I feel like I’m RIGHT THERE with them…my heart is, tho my body is in the States. I’m SO excited for them! You can check out the ministry they’re going with at

My foot started swelling some so I took a breather for a while & watched World Cup Soccer. Since it’s looking like I’ll be moving in the next month or so I actually did all my filing while I watched the US game. Suffice to say I was a ‘bit’ behind & I continued my filing long after the game ended. And how ’bout that game?! You see I coached Parks & Rec soccer for 3 years and while I’m no expert, even I could tell the ref didn’t have a clue what he was doing! I’m glad the US got away with a tie – even if it was an own-goal that kept us in the game. But a tie is a tie! GOTTA love Ghana upsetting Czech Republic…that helped the US stay in the hunt a bit longer.

I finally got my filing done and now I’m trying to figure out this crazy Xanga stuff, so if there’s little flare to my site for a while bear with me. I have ‘just a few’ things going on in my life right now!

Like this foot…ready for the story?

In Feb. I was scorekeeper for the District Wrestling Tournament. The high school I volunteer at was hosting it. I’ve done it for the last 4 years. I get to sing the National Anthem right before the finals in a gym of 1000 people. It’s fun. Anyway, I was going back to my table from the head table and crossed over the spectator rope like I do 100 times a tournament. But this time it jumped up & bit me. I sprained my left ankle rather severely – rolled it to the outside instead of the inside like most sprains are. Got it xrayed 10 days later – waited in case there was a stress fracture ‘cuz then it would show up. No break. They gave me an air cast. It seemed like it was getting better but then it plateaued. Went to a podiatrist. Got an MRI. Then a cast for 6 weeks…sprain & tendonitis added on top of it. The cast came off 5/22. Now I’m in a CAM (controlled ankle motion) boot & still can’t walk normal from residual pain. Which leads to Monday’s second MRI. She thinks there may be a small tear in the tendon or it could be going into something else, like maybe tarsel tunnel. I’ve had that with plantar fasciitis before…no fun and LONG time to heal. And the reason I’m not in Mexico. Crutches & Mexico just don’t mix right now when there’s no ice to deal with the swelling.

But that’s what I mean by the ugly turned beautiful. I had been looking forward to this trip for over 6 months! A coworker commented to me Thursday that she didn’t know how I did it on crutches this long (yes, I still have to use them – that makes 3 months & counting!). I told her it was only the grace of God. Then I sent an email to her Friday explaining in more detail what I mean.

Basically, it goes like this: God is in control; I am not. He does whatever He pleases. His ways & thoughts are not mine. Therefore, if I TRULY believe this then my job is to just submit to what He has allowed. He has allowed this injury to continue for whatever reason, and I may never know. But if I truly believe the above then it simply becomes an attitude issue on my part. And I struggle with that at times. But that’s the Great Adventure of it all. And the amazing part is He still loves me in the midst of the struggle.

Sound like a foreign concept to you? I’d love to explain more. Drop me a line. And stay tuned. I’m just getting started!

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