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What REALLY matters

I was reminded last night of what REALLY matters.

We’ve had a lot of rain – over 2″ in 24 hours. Needless to say my sump pump has been working overtime. The sound of water going over waterfalls was what my drainpipe sounded like as the water dropped into an empty reservoir and the pump pushed it out. I timed it yesterday morning – it went off every 13 seconds! When I left for work the drainage ditches on the sides of the road looked like little creeks. I left for work thankful the sump pump was working or the basement would be flooded within an hour.

Last night when I got home I saw the tail-end of an ESPN show on Latin-American athletes coming to the States to play pro baseball. The last clip showed some kids in Latin America playing ball in bare feet in the dirt. And suddently a sump pump wasn’t my concern. It hit me – what REALLY matters. I thought to myself: ‘Here I am thinking about a sump pump and they’re just thankful to have a roof over their heads.’ It hit me hard – in a good way – and reminded me of the simplicity of life that I appreciate so much when I travel to Central & Latin America. That’s what I love so much – the simplicity. Life here is way too complicated – much more so than it needs to be…than God desires or intends it to be.

Here’s how it played out in my time with the Lord this morning: ‘As silly and petty as it sounds, thank you for protecting the house – that the sump pump continues to work. Yet watching an ESPN show on Latin American kids playing ball in bare feet in the dirt, I was reminded of how petty that really is. I am blessed, Lord. I almost feel repulsed at the life I live and the house You’ve provided. Yet I can’t be repulsed by Your blessings, but I must use those blessings to bless others. Show me, Lord. Open the avenues. Make the way.’


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