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“What’s a little rain?”

The lines of a Mercy Me song give the simplest and most concrete perspective check I’ve ever had:

“I am Yours regardless of/The dark clouds that may loom above/Because You are much greater than my pain/You who made a way for me/Suffering Your destiny/So tell me, what’s a little rain?/So I pray

(chorus) Bring me joy, bring me peace/Bring the chance to be free/Bring me anything that brings You glory/And I know there’ll be days/When this life brings me pain/But if that’s what it takes to praise You/Jesus, bring the rain.” (from Bring the Rain, Mercy Me, Coming Up to Breathe)

Suffice to say that song has ministered to me greatly the last 24 hours. Numerous hurdles and headaches regarding the treatment of my foot have come up and it was easy yesterday to start getting taken down in the circumstances. And then this song came back on the radio. ‘What’s a little rain?’ I love that and it will be come my new screen saver today!

May you rest secure in Him today, knowing that He knows, He sees, He allows, and He made the way.

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